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ViENERG's - Surge Tank | Storage Tank

Well Testing & EPF Equipments

Surge tank is otherwise called calibration tank(Gauge tank).Vienerg is manufacturing standard and custom build surge tanks which is widely used in well testing industry. Surge tank or Gauge tank is alternative method for measuring shrinkage factor of produced crude oil. During production in well testing industry oil from test separator is diverted to the surge tank (Gauge tank), recording both surge tank (Gauge tank) volume and the corresponding separator meter volume at the start and end of the transfer. The oil in the surge tank (Gauge tank ) is left untouched for a period to allow entrained gas to vent off. When further volume reduction occurs, the final surge tank (gauge tank) volume and the temperature are recorded. Which is used to calculate shrinkage in crude oil volume

Surge tank plays important role in calibrating flow meter which is working in upstream test separator package. Vienerg manufactures following standard equipment.

  • 50 BBL Single compartment Surge tank
  • 80 BBL Single / Twin compartment surge tank
  • 100 BBL Twin compartment vertical surge tank
  • 100 BBL single compartment rectangular atmospheric gauge tank
  • 200 BBL twin compartment rectangular atmospheric gauge tank

**All the units are skid mounted in either CSC skid frame or 20 ft DNV certified skids as per client requirements.