ViENERG's -KnockOut Drum

Well Testing & EPF Equipments

Knock out drums are also called as free water knock outs. Knock out drums are widely used in three locations of a processing plant which is

Located at the suction of compressor - the purpose is to knock out free water or liquid from gas to enter compressor

Located at the bottom of the Flare stack - working to knock out free liquid and to avoid liquid entrainment

Located at the fuel gas Header - function is to crude oil entrained into the burner or furnace

Flare Knock out Drum is either Horizontal or Vertical used to remove liquid entrainment in gas

Free water knock outs or oil- gas -water separator are not actually treating vessels, they are used many time in conjunction with treating systems. Free water knock out drums are normally large open settling space which allows gravity separation of oil and free water streams. Variations of free water knock outs are often used to accomplish specific treating purposes.