ViENERG's - Inlet Manifolds

Well Testing & EPF Equipments

If Series of oil well pipelines will be connected to single header is called Inlet manifold header. Inlet manifold will have two headers which is Production header and Test header. Inlet manifold is the initial manifold header of upstream oil and gas processing system, Mainly Early production facility and well testing oil and gas industries are requires inlet manifold. Which is also called well head inlet manifold.

Production header of inlet manifold is coming with safety shutdown valve for safe shutting down of well.

Test header of inlet manifold is a side stream from production line which will be used to test the oil and gas properties at regular intervals.

Test header of inlet manifold may either connected with multiphase meter or test separator of well testing. Vienerg manufacturing inlet manifolds coming with production and test header in a compact skid modules for client flexibility.

Vienerg's Inlet manifold skids are manufactured as skid to minimize field installation and labour cost. Some client prefers ESD shut down system along with Inlet manifold for full operation of surface safety valve (ESD valve).

Two types of Inlet manifolds are now available in the oil and gas industry.

  • Conventional type inlet manifold -from initial which is used , it requires bigger plot plan and number of manual intervention is required
  • MSM manifold - Multi selector manifold which is coming with automatic switch over arrangement to divert production line to testing header and vice versa. Emerson is the leading MSM valve supplier in the oil and gas industry