ViENERG's - Heat Exchanger

Well Testing & EPF Equipments

Steam heat Exchanger is to increase the temperature of the produced fluids in order to improve handling. Main components of steam heat exchanger includes a manifold to direct fluid through the steam heat exchanger or to by pass it, a pipe coil to contain well fluids through the steam heat exchanger, and a steam jacket to circulate saturated steam around the coils in order to heat the well fluids. Releif valves are provided to protect the low pressure steam jacket in the event of a leak in the high pressure coils.

Steam heat exchanger operates between about 90 and 170 celsius. A choke fitted to the steam heat exchanger is additional control of well fluid pressure. Steam heat exchanger plays key role during gas well test , Because hydrates may form due to sudden decrease in pressure as per joule Thomson effect.

Standard well testing exchangers of Vi Energ is.

2 MMBTU/HR 10K PSI Steam Heat Exchanger

4 MMBTU/HR 10K PSI Steam Heat Exchnager

Custom Sizes available upon request