ViENERG's - Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical injection skid is designed for addition of chemicals and reagent into systems to maintain standard operating condition of processing cycle.

Chemical injection skid are classified into various types based upon their functions some of them are as follows.

Antifoam chemical Injection skid:

Due to high velocity operating the crude oil water mixture having foaming tendency, Foaming in separator will effect steady state operation and showing erratic reading in instruments such as flow meter readings, liquid levels and affect performance of oil separation. Vienerg Skid mounted Antifoam chemical injection skids are used to inject antifoam chemicals into the three phase separators to decrease foaming formation and maintains clean flow of liquids.

Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skid:

Most of oil wells are sour service, due to H2S presence and high temperature, pressure condition the equipment are prone to corrosive environment. Our skid mounted Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skids are used to inject appropriate corrosion inhibitor chemicals into the system at regular interval. Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skid is facilitate avoiding equipment damages and keep the project cost in controlled manner. it is used to inject chemicals in major equipments such as heater treater and Desalter. Wherever high temperature is maintained in equipment needs corrosion inhibition.

De Emulsifying chemical injection skid:

In some cases crude oil density is very close to water density and this crudes are called heavy crudes, which is very critical to separate oil and water, at this instance De emulsifying chemical injection skid is used to inject chemicals for De emulsification.

Pour point Chemical Injection skid:

Some API crude having wax contents, which will block the mail lines and damage the instruments, so to avoid and maintain uninterrupted process operation, Vienerg manufactures pour point depressant chemical injection skid which is used in upstream oil and gas industry.

PH and Acid neutralization chemical injection skid:

For gas well treating unit and oil well treating unit, there is formation of acidic fluid within the system which may cause damage to processing equipments. Vienerg Acid neutralization chemical injection skids are designed and manufactured to avoid such scenerios.