Years Work experience in Construction Managers

Manufacturer of Well Testing Oil & Gas Equipments

Vienerg as a Engineering design company designs a wide range of process skid packages of oil production equipments for oil & gas industry

Our Enginnering Design Team specializing in Engineering Design Services Engineering services, Fabrication and Manufacturing of Oil & Gas equipment's as skid mounted packages.Some of our engineering design includes Well test separator,Indirect water bath heater, Chemical injection system, Dual pot sand filter, Piping manifolds, Mobile Flare stack, Pipe spools and produced water treatment packages.

Our project team encompassing competent Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Structural engineers to deliver the complete package with superior quality and fully in compliance with international standards to meet process requirements.

Vi Energ Resources Pvt Ltd provide any combination of front-end design, Detail engineering design, Procurement, Fabrication and Project management services across all phases of the project.

Vi Energ Resources Pvt Ltd involved in engineering design services for Vessel, Piping, Structural, Valves and Instrumentations. Modular packages are fabricated and assembled at our facilities, which allows us to ensure all work is performed according to high standards, under controlled working conditions. Our intention is to reduce the fieldwork, minimize the project's impact on the customer site, minimizes plot plan when the field site is small or congested.

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Welcome to Vienerg. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company in INDIA with well equipped facilities of Machining, Inspection and Fabrication . Vi Energ Resources pvt Ltd was established with a team of technocrats who have more than 20 years rich experience in developing projects on Upstream Oil & Gas industry. Vienerg is a Manufacturer and supplier of ASME-U Stamp Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger , skid mounted offshore oil & gas packages. Vienerg specializes in the manufacture of dual pot sand filter, chemical injection skids, 3 phase separator, Indirect Water Bath Heater, fuel gas conditioning skids, Well Head manifold, surge tank, gauge tank, API 12F tank for the OIL and gas industry. We are based in Chennai, India with a 10000 square feet facility at chettipedu near sriperumpadur SIDCO Industrial Estate.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be the world leader in providing the best in quality products and services and self-fulfillment --in the eyes of our customers.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to understand our customers expectations in design,quality,fabrication ,cost and timely delivery of products with our highly manufacturing standards.


Marketing, Proposals, Finance, Projects, Design(Process and Mechanical), Production, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural, Quality Assurance and Logistics.


Vienerg Resources Pvt Ltd is committed to customer satisfaction by providing quality products, to meet the requirements of relevant National / International standards with on-time delivery. Production quality is continuously monitored and undertaken by highly skilled,experienced QA/QCEngineers.


The Quality Assurance / Quality Control of Vienerg resources private limited, lays emphasis on the prevention of problems rather than depending on the detection of errors or non-conformances. We have a dedicated QA/QC department consisting of engineers and inspectors with vast experience, to ensure the quality of products and services.




Vienerg resources pvt limited is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BSOHSAS 18001:2007 certified company.

  • DNV DNV certification helps the customers to ensure adequate safety and reliability through offshore installation and operation of any equipments.
  • CSC CSC means conventional safety container, Skid frames are tested and certified under severe condition which helps frames can be stacked during international shipping. Which helps customer to transport easily to any part of the world.
  • CE-PED The Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC (PED) of the European union sets out the standard for the design and fabrication of pressure equipment. i.e., If the equipment is used and installed in European region needs CE certification.

How we work

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Vi Energ Resources Pvt Ltd strive to innovate new techniques to provide cost effective solutions to our Clients without compromising on the quality of the deliverables. We understand the context of Client challenges and the opportunities in a complex and competitive market. We listen carefully and concentrate to offer workable, cost effective and high quality solutions.


We strongly believe that we are here to provide services to our Clients and our Clients are the reason for us to be in business. We respect the fact that we work in a multinational environment and our clients are spread geographically across the five continents. We constantly encourage our people to learn about the various cultural diversities. This helps us to work in a warm and friendly environment.


We rigorously follow the Statutory, Legal and Client compliance norms. We ensure that, all the compliance norms are met at all times.


We have taken adequate measures to protect both Physical and Digital Property. Movements of any kind of physical materials are recorded in the registers and preauthorized approvals are in place before any material movement is done.