ViENERG's - Dual_pot_sand_fiter

ViENERG's - 10K Psi Dual POt Sand Filter

A dual pot sand filter is a screen based process system, providing a cost effective and low maintanence solution for the separation and removal of solids.Dual pot sand filters are pressure drop dependant, inlet and outlet pressure difference measures the sand accumulation and cleaning requirement notification.

Sand production in production line causes mechanical damage & erosion to chokes, flow lines, control valves, pumps and other downstream ancillaries. Further effect on reduced equipment capacity , failure of ancillaries, eratic readings of instruments and high environmental discharges.

Solids handling is an increasingly important task to reduce the project

Production of sand and solids from oil and gas wells is a poison for drilling activities and processing facilities , Sand production is mainly due to failure of gravel packing and other sand control measure activities.

Dual Pot sand filters are available in many sizes, typically 200 microns screen is widely used one.

Added advantages are no moving parts, low maintanence and avoiding downtime because of one working and one stand by, result in significant capital and operating cost savings

Dual pot sand filters avoid shut in process of oil wells. Provides solids removal before oil contamination and removing sludge accumulation and other difficult problems.