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1) ViENERG's - Chemical Injection Skid

• Chemical injection skid is designed for addition of chemicals and reagent into systems to maintain standard operating condition of processing cycle.

• Chemical injection skid are classified into various types based upon their functions some of them are as follows.

Antifoam chemical Injection skid:

• Due to high velocity operating the crude oil water mixture having foaming tendency, Foaming in separator will effect steady state operation and showing erratic reading in instruments such as flow meter readings, liquid levels and affect performance of oil separation. Vienerg Skid mounted Antifoam chemical injection skids are used to inject antifoam chemicals into the three phase separators to decrease foaming formation and maintains clean flow of liquids.

Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skid:

• Most of oil wells are sour service, due to H2S presence and high temperature, pressure condition the equipment are prone to corrosive environment. Our skid mounted Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skids are used to inject appropriate corrosion inhibitor chemicals into the system at regular interval. Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skid is facilitate avoiding equipment damages and keep the project cost in controlled manner. it is used to inject chemicals in major equipments such as heater treater and Desalter. Wherever high temperature is maintained in equipment needs corrosion inhibition.

De Emulsifying chemical injection skid:

• In some cases crude oil density is very close to water density and this crudes are called heavy crudes, which is very critical to separate oil and water, at this instance De emulsifying chemical injection skid is used to inject chemicals for De emulsification.

Pour point Chemical Injection skid:

• Some API crude having wax contents, which will block the mail lines and damage the instruments, so to avoid and maintain uninterrupted process operation, Vienerg manufactures pour point depressant chemical injection skid which is used in upstream oil and gas industry.

PH and Acid neutralization chemical injection skid:

• For gas well treating unit and oil well treating unit, there is formation of acidic fluid within the system which may cause damage to processing equipments. Vienerg Acid neutralization chemical injection skids are designed and manufactured to avoid such scenerios.

• Fuel gas conditioning packages are skid mounted for ensuring the quality of inlet (fuel) gases used in turbines and gas engines. The design approach is based on process simulations to determine the condensing temperature hydrate formation temperature, water and constituent dew point before deciding the individual stages of cleaning and conditioning.

2) ViENERG's - Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids

• Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid includes Knock out Drums, Filter Separators, Natural Gas Pre-Heaters, Pressure Regulation and Flow Control with different configurations as per client requirements.

Common Applications

• Upstream Oil and gas production industry

• Downstream Oil and gas process industry

• Power plants

• Natural gas processing plant

Advantages of our FG conditioning Skids

• Removal of particulate matter upto 0.3 M. In some cases 10 M as per specification

• Removal of all free liquids at the inlet of the turbine or the engine even with the variation of the inlet pressure and temperature of the gas

• Provision of a superheat of 28 째C above the hydrocarbon or water dew point at inlet of the turbine (to avoid condensation in control valves)

• Water dew point depression (for gas engines), so that the engine inlet sees a relative humidity of 70 - 80 %.

• Modular design resulting in reduced site installation costs

• Shorter manufacturing times and lower capital costs

3) Dew Point Control Skid

• Water dew point is relatively simple and easy to predict since it is a single component system. It is easily removed using conventional techniques, primarily TEG (Triethylene Glycol) dehydration units).

• Hydrocarbon dew point (HDP) is similar to the water dew point issue, except that we have a multi-component system. Natural gas typically contains many liquid hydrocarbon components with the heavier components found in smaller amounts than the lighter gaseous ends. It is the heaviest weight components that first condense and define the hydrocarbon dew point temperature of the gas. The dew point temperature also moves in relation to pressure.

• By managing hydrocarbon dew point, hydrocarbon condensation can be prevented.

• Controlling Dew Point ensures high quality gas which can be directly used in industrial applications such as Power Generation.

• Dew Point Skids Consist of Chillers, Pre-Coolers, Filter & Separators.

• To reduce CBM Gas Dew Point up to (-) 30 Deg C. Gas Compressors are employed in System.

• The Basic Purpose of Dew Point Control Skid is to get dry gases at elevated temperature.

4) ViENERG's - Metering_skid

• Metering Skid is a Custody transfer flow meter where the fiscal calculations are determined and it is used for Oil & Gas applications in the Truck loading facility, Jetty facility. Metering Skid comprises of fluid filtration, pressure regulation, metering section and flow control.

• ViENERG manufactures DNV certified Metering skids to oil & gas producers.Production facilities must also accommodate accurate measuring and sampling of the crude oil. This can be done automatically with a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit or by gauging in a calibrated tank.

Common Applications

Upstream Oil and gas production industry

Downstream Oil and gas process industry

Truck loading Gantries

Advantages of our Metering Skids

Compact and modular skid with all instrument and controls

Easily transportable

Smaller foot print

5) Inlet Piping Manifold

• If Series of oil well pipelines will be connected to single header is called Inlet manifold header. Inlet manifold will have two headers which is Production header and Test header. Inlet manifold is the initial manifold header of upstream oil and gas processing system, Mainly Early production facility and well testing oil and gas industries are requires inlet manifold. Which is also called well head inlet manifold.

• Production header of inlet manifold is coming with safety shutdown valve for safe shutting down of well.

• Test header of inlet manifold is a side stream from production line which will be used to test the oil and gas properties at regular intervals.

• Test header of inlet manifold may either connected with multiphase meter or test separator of well testing. Vienerg manufacturing inlet manifolds coming with production and test header in a compact skid modules for client flexibility.

• Vienerg's Inlet manifold skids are manufactured as skid to minimize field installation and labour cost. Some client prefers ESD shut down system along with Inlet manifold for full operation of surface safety valve (ESD valve).

• Two types of Inlet manifolds are now available in the oil and gas industry.

• Conventional type inlet manifold -from initial which is used , it requires bigger plot plan and number of manual intervention is required

• MSM manifold - Multi selector manifold which is coming with automatic switch over arrangement to divert production line to testing header and vice versa. Emerson is the leading MSM valve supplier in the oil and gas industry