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ViENERG's -Metering Skid

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Metering Skid

Metering Skid is a Custody transfer flow meter where the fiscal calculations are determined and it is used for Oil & Gas applications in the Truck loading facility, Jetty facility. Metering Skid comprises of fluid filtration, pressure regulation, metering section and flow control.
ViENERG manufactures DNV certified Metering skids to oil & gas producers.Production facilities must also accommodate accurate measuring and sampling of the crude oil. This can be done automatically with a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit or by gauging in a calibrated tank.

Common Applications

   Upstream Oil and gas production industry

   Downstream Oil and gas process industry

   Truck loading Gantries

Advantages of our Metering Skids

   Compact and modular skid with all instrument and controls

   Easily transportable

   Smaller foot print