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Indirect Fired Water Bath Heater for oil & gas industry

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 4:00 PM by Vienerg

Indirect Fired Gas Heater (Water Bath Heater)

This blog explainsIndirect Fired Water Bath Heater are vessels used to raise the temperature of the liquid before it enters a gun barrel, wash tank, or horizontal flow treater. They are used to treat crude oil emulsions.

There are two types of heaters commonly used in upstream operations

  • Indirect Fired Water Bath Heaters

  • Direct Fired Water Bath Heaters

  • Indirect Water Bath Heater consists of the following components
    Both types have a shell and a fire tube. Indirect heaters have a third element, which is the process flow coil.
    Heater Shell is an atmospheric vessel consists of fire tube , process flow coil and the heat transfer media

    The fire tube is in the bath in the lower half of the vessel.The fire tube contains within it a flame caused by the mixture of air and natural gas ignited by a pilot light and the hot exhaust gases which result from this combustion. The hot external surface of the fire tube heats a bath of liquid in which it is immersed.

    The process coil is in the upper half of the vessel.Oil flows through tube that are immersed in water which in turn is heated by a fire tube. Alternatively heat may be supplied to the water bath by a heating fluid medium , steam , or electric immersed heater instead of a fire tube.
    Indirect Water Bath heaters maintain a constant temperature over a long period of time and are safer than direct fired heaters.

    Hot spots are not as likely to occur on the fire tube if the calcium content of the heating water is controlled.These Indirect Fired Water Bath heaters require several hours to reach the desired temperature after they have been out of service.

    Indirect Fired Water Bath Heaters have standard accessories such as burners, regulators, relief valves, thermometers, temperature controllers, etc.

    Indirect Fired Water Bath Heater is the process equipments need to prevent hydrates. Hydrates are often formed during depressurization and sudden decrease in pressure. Hydrates are poison which will block and damage the valves, instruments and downstream equipments.

    Indirect fired water bath heater/Line Heater is used to maintain or increase above 120 deg F, which is well above hydrate formation temperature for LTX


  • Off Shore/On Shore operations
  • Early Production Facility
  • Well Testing

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