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Chemical injection Skid for oil & gas industry

Posted on May 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM by Vienerg

Chemical injection Skid are designed to inject accurate amount of various chemicals into process flow lines at a required pressure continuously or at irregular intervals.

Skid Structure:

A Skid is basically a steel flat structure built to carry tank, pump, motor, valves, instruments and related auxillaries. The base structure of a skid is integerated with drip pan to collect the drained chemicals.

Chemical Storage Tank:

The chemicals are stored in skid mounted single or multi-compartment tanks.Storage tanks are constructed in horizontal cylindrical or vertical cylindrical with flat dished bottom and top. Tanks are provided to store the chemicals ,injected in the process lines.
The external effects such as heat,cold, pressure,and vaccum may impact the tank ability to hold and maintain the viability of both the chemicals and container.

Dosing Pump:

The Heart of any chemical injection skid is Dosing Pumps. It is the source of a skid for generating pressure and flow.

Valves And Instrumentation:

  • For Safe operation each chemical injection skid is provided with set of valves and instrumentation depend on their different applications. Normally each skid is provided with Pressure transmitters, flow meters, level gauge,pressure gauge etc..

  • Level Gauge indicates level of the chemical inside the tank. Level transmitter for continuous monitoring the level of chemical is too low or high,to avoid the damage of pump.

  • Calibration pot is installed in the suction line to calibrate the chemical injection flow rate. Suction Pressure gauge helps to detect the low pressure. Discharge pressure gauge and pressure relief valve helps to protect the piping line from over pressurization.

  • Pressure transmitter helps to identify pump performance and also system integrity.Check Valves help to protect the chemical injection skid from any back flow. Flow Meters help to measure the flow rate of chemical injection

  • Electrical:

    All signals are terminated in the mounted junction boxes. All controls like pump running local/remote indication, local on/off push button of the motor, remote on/off push button of the motor, emergency stop of the complete process system and any other controls can be implemented from the local control panel.


  • Corrosion inhibitor chemical injection skid are used to inject appropriate corrosion inhibitor chemicals into the system at regular interval,to minimize corrosion of high valued equipment and helps for extended life. It is used to inject chemicals in major equipments such as Heater Treater and Desalter.

  • A Scale Inhibitor Injection Skid to minimize formation of scale in Heaters / Desalters. Scaling will reduce performance efficiency of equipment and plant production.

  • A Demulsifier Injection skid to Breaks down oil emulsions to aid oil/water separation. In heavy crudes it is very difficult to separate oil and water. This skid is used to inject the chemicals for de-emulsification which inturn enhance the separation of oil and water.

  • Antifoam chemical injection skid are used to inject antifoam chemicals into the test separators to minimize foaming formation and maintains clean flow of liquidsand improves separation efficiency , Foaming will cause erratic readings which will reduce system performance and ultimately affect the production.

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