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Manufacturer of Well Testing Oil & Gas Equipments

LP Storage Pressure Vessel

filterimage ViEnerg is connecting and supporting the global Oil and Gas Industry. Our Engineering Design Services includes value design of Test separator, KnockOutDrum, Heaters, 2/3 phase separator, pressure vessel, Heat exchanger, Piping/Inlet Manifold, Surge tank, Gauge tankAPI/CPI separator,Gas dehydration package, Heater treater, Desalter and Dehydrator in UAE and India.

filterimage Vienerg as a Engineering design company designs a wide range of process skid packages of oil production equipments for oil & gas industry

filterimage  Our Enginnering Design Team specializing in Engineering Design Services Engineering services, Fabrication and Manufacturing of Oil & Gas equipment's as skid mounted packages.Some of our engineering design includes Well test separator,Indirect water bath heater, Chemical injection system, Dual pot sand filter, Piping manifolds, Mobile Flare stack, Pipe spools and produced water treatment packages.

filterimage Our project team encompassing competent Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Structural engineers to deliver the complete package with superior quality and fully in compliance with international standards to meet process requirements.

filterimage  Vi Energ Resources Pvt Ltd provide any combination of front-end design, Detail engineering design, Procurement, Fabrication and Project management services across all phases of the project.

filterimage Vi Energ Resources Pvt Ltd involved in engineering design services for Vessel, Piping, Structural, Valves and Instrumentations. Modular packages are fabricated and assembled at our facilities, which allows us to ensure all work is performed according to high standards, under controlled working conditions. Our intention is to reduce the fieldwork, minimize the project's impact on the customer site, minimizes plot plan when the field site is small or congested.


BS OHSAS 180001 BS OHSAS 180001


Three Phase Separator
  • Test separator is also called Three phase separator is used in upstream oil & gas industry

  • Test separator is wide commonly used separator in well testing industry.

  • Test separatorare either two phase or three phase separator.

KnockOut drum
  • Flare KO drum is used to removal of liquid droplets from the flare gas.

  • Flare KO drum are widely used in fuel gas conditioning skid and in compressor stations.

  • KO drumwill be either Horizontal or Vetical.

Inlet Manifold
  • Well Head manifolds are commonly called Inlet manifolds.

  • Inlet Manifolds used to connect number of small wells to production headers.

  • Inlet manifolds are also called us piping manifols

Chemical Injection skid
  • Chemical injection skids classified based upon requirements used in well testing and early production facilities

  • Corrosion injection skid is required to protect and provide extended life for equipments

  • Antifoam injection system is required to provide smooth & steady state operation.

Storage/Surge tanks
  • Surge tanks are used to caliberate crude oil production mainly in well testing industry.

  • Surge tanks are also act as meter correction tank

  • Surge tanksused for storage. Atmospheric rectangular tanks are called as gauge tank.

Water bath heater
  • Water bath heaters are used to avoid hydrates formation.

  • Water bath heater is also called line heaters

  • Water bath heater/Line heaters are widely used in well tesing and early production industry.

Dual Pot Sand Filter
  • Dual pot sand filter is widely used in well testing industry.

  • Dual pot sand filter is used to separate sand from crude oil.

  • Dual pot sand filteris manufactured in 5K, 10K, 15K Psi

Metering skid
  • Metering skid is used to quantify crude oil production.

  • Metering skid result should be more accurate and reliable.

  • Metering skid is coming with prover skid to caliberate meters in regular interval.

Stock Availability

10K PSI Dual Pot Sand Filter

Package is manufactured in compliance with CE-PED certified and the skid is designed and fabricated in accordance with DNV 2.7.1 to suit both onshore and offshore application.

DUAL POT SAND FILTER is under manufacturing

Availability is subject to prior sale. For further queries please contact us on:

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